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 Aerial Filming/Project management

Andy Ford is one of a very few skydiving camera flyers worldwide who can deliver aerial filming expertise and has project management experience to assist you and your client in getting the desired end result every time.

34 years of skydiving with over 19,000 descents and a passion for aerial filming and photography since 1990 Andy has consistently delivered on a variety of projects for TV, Movies and Internet-based viral shorts.

Filming in free-fall and under canopy with various camera systems including the Red Epic Dragon 6k, Red Komodo, Arii Alexa mini, Black Magic URSA Mini Pro, Sony A series 4k cameras and Sony Fx3 with Atomos Ninja V+ we have the experience to successfully mount, jump and film with the quality your project requires.

Andy's passion for skydiving has driven him to pursue many different types of skydiving disciplines including wing-suit flying, high-performance canopy flight, high-speed free-flying and the more well-known formation skydiving all whilst filming with multiple head and body-mounted cameras to capture footage both external and P.O.V for clients individual requirements. 

Working closely with the project Director and DP, Andy has always provided extremely high-quality footage and maintained a 100% safety record with all involved.

Whatever your requirements we have the highest quality team of professional skydivers able to bring your concept to life.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements and how we can assist in achieving them with beautiful free-fall cinematography. 

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