Tom Sain, London. (2012)

“Rarely in sport do you come across coaches as committed to your success and happiness as Fordy and his team. My friend and I completed AFF in September 2012 and are making good progress in our skydiving careers thanks to their attentive, enlightening and enjoyable teachings. If you are thinking about doing a course with Infinite Skydiving, my advice is to stop thinking and do it.”

Hamish Hurley, London. (2012)

"Andy Ford is an artist and his art is Skydiving. Like all artists he is passionate about his art and that transfers to all his students and to his tandem jumpers. When people ask me about my skydiving whether its because they want to learn to skydive themselves or because they simply want to do a tandem to experience what it is all about there is only one place I send them - Infinity Skydiving and Andy Ford. I love his passion, his knowledge, and his ability to communicate and teach. I love his art."

Anders Sjaastad, London (2009)
"I was amazed how fast the transition from zero experience to starting on my consols went. Spending time in the wind tunnel helped me build confidence for the actual skydiving and learning turns and moves. Andy is capable of implementing a good balance between being supportive and being assertive. I do not think you can go through this AFF course at the pace that I did without having an assertive instructor, but a 'newbie' also needs to gain the necessary confidence in order to do the first jumps. On both accounts Andy has proven to be an excellent instructor. Thanx mate for giving me an incredibly good introduction to this wonderful sport."

Geir Rasmussen, London (2008)
"I completed my AFF course with Infinite Skydiving Solutions and had the pleasure of jumping with the whole team. I was very happy with the professionalism, safety and genuine excitement the team showed for the sport. Having the opportunity to train with the best ensured rapid progression. I can highly recommend Infinite Skydiving."

Skydiving AFF student Jacinta O'donnell with Indinite Skydiving

"It was the result of Andy Ford’s inspired confidence that my life literally changed for the better. It was what convinced me to undertake my AFF course with him and become a skydiver. Andy and his team’s commitment to their students extends not only from exceptional ground training to the sky, but to coaching in the wind tunnel which proved to be a critical factor in my progression and confidence. I have now forged lifetime friendships through the sport, built on common interests, a genuine care and concern for each other and an insatiable desire for fun. They are my second family. Anyone interested in skydiving or contemplating taking up the sport, should go for it and give Infinite Skydiving a call!" Jacinta O’Donnell, London.

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Victoria Bradley, London (2007)
"In 2007 my sister and I found ourselves flying in the Airkix tunnel in Milton Keynes. We experienced such adrenalin ‘rush’ that we felt the only thing to beat it would be to jump out of a ‘perfectly good airplane’ for real. Approximately one month later we’d signed up for our AFF course with Andy Ford.
Nine months further down the line and we were both B licenced skydivers with nearly 60 jumps each and had achieved our FS1.  We also took a rookie 4-way team to the National Championships that year.

There is no question that our enthusiasm and continued interest in the sport is, in no small part, due to the excellent experience we had while learning to skydive with Andy Ford and his team. Learning to skydive is just about the most fun it is possible to have – paradoxically it is also just about the most terrifying thing you can do which is why an experienced, professional, and, most importantly, fun instructor is so essential.  Building up a rapport with your instructors is vital if you are going to trust them with your life – because that’s what you are, at least initially, doing!  Andy and his team made this easy. They are all extremely friendly, good fun and very approachable.  They are keen to offer advice and help and from your first jump you are treated as a fellow skydiver – heck, you’ve jumped once, you’re a skydiver!

I was so impressed with my experience of learning to skydive with Andy that I took my best friend to him when she expressed a wish to do a tandem jump (granted, she probably didn’t expect that within 2 days of her mentioning it she would be at 12000ft over Oxford!) I even managed to persuade my ground loving boyfriend that learning to skydive would be a good idea – he’s completed his AFF with Andy and his team in Spain.
So now you just need to ask yourself if you’re ready to lose all your non jumping friends, argue with your family about not attending social occasions, spend numerous weekends at the drop zone looking up at grey, cloudy skies and get more bruises than an adult should strictly have because skydiving will take over your life.  Once you’ve done it once you’ll be addicted forever – you have been warned…"

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