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Name: Andy Ford
Age: 46
Jumps: 1200+
Years in sport: 28


Ratings held: British Parachute Association (BPA) (Also rated in NZ and U.S.A) Tandem Instructor
AFF Instructor
Static line Instructor
Parachute Rigger
Canopy Handling coach Canopy Piloting coach
Formation Skydiving (F.S) Coach
Birdman Wingsuit Instructor
Favorite Skydiving Disciplines:
Aerial videographer/photographer
Wingsuit flying
Canopy Piloting (CP)
Vertical Relative Work (VRW)

Skydiving Achievements:
GB Skysurf team camera flyer (playstation) 1996-1999
Gold 1997/98 UK Nationals
Silver 1999 UK Nationals
1st World Air Games, Effes, Turkey. 5th
1998 ESPN X games. 5th
V-max 4 way F.S team (camera flyer)
2003 UK nationals Silver
2003 World Championships, Gap, France. Gold
UK 4 way VRW team
First European VRW Championships, Gold
2007 European Freefly formation record holder (40 way)

2014 World Championship Bronze medal

4 way female cameraflyer


Other activities:
Wind tunnel flying


Andy Ford
Having started parachuting in Devon in 1988 I very quickly became totally immersed in this exciting sport. Now, after many years of competition both National and International, I spend a large amount of my time introducing people via Tandem and AFF to my passion. I also provide Instruction in all aspects and levels within the sport. Aerial Photography is one of my favorite areas and I have captured still and video images for many publications and t.v programs both at home in the UK and abroad.


Having left the RAF to start Infinite Skydiving Solutions I set about providing each and every student with not only the information to carry out a parachute descent but the support and coaching throughout the courses that only comes with years of experience in every aspect of the sport. Our students qualify safe in the knowledge that we are always on hand to assist them in their future skydiving requirements.
Whether you are doing a one-off Tandem descent, an AFF level one or the full course to become a fully licensed skydiver,  we are here to guide you and help allay the inevitable fears you have at making your descent. We feel this way you will get maximum enjoyment from the whole experience and feel welcome and at ease in our wonderful sport.


To this end the Instructors we have on our team are not only very highly qualified instructors but outstanding in their chosen disciplines within the sport, read their individual bios to see their awesome achievements... these are the people who will be your personal instructors every step of the way.

Andy Ford
I look forward to skydiving with you soon.
Andy Ford

Company details: Infinite Skydiving Solutions, Haystacks, Horwell Farm, Bicester, Oxon, OX277SQ, UK​​


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