Phil Hartree

Age: 47

Jumps: 3500+

Time in sport: 13 years

Ratings held:

BPA AFF Instructor
Canopy Handling coach

Formation skydiving coach
Favourite Skydiving Disciplines:

AFF Instruction

4 Way Formation Skydiving

8 Way Formation Skydiving

Large Formation Skydiving

Skydiving Achievements:

4-way: Various medals at National standard

8-way: Gold - British National Champion, 7 time winner

16-way: Gold - European event x4 time winner

California State Record holder: 200 way large formation (2011)

World Record holder: Largest sequential formation - 5 point 106 way (2013)


Other interests and activities:

Wind tunnel flying/coaching
Mountain Biking

Fitness, can often be found at Club La Santa!!

Phil flies as primary accelerated free fall instructor with infinite skydiving solutions
Phil Hartree represents the uk in big way formation
Phil Hartree infinite Skydiving instructor with 16 way trophy
Phil Hartree infinite Skydiving Instructor holds the winners shield from the 16 way competition
Skydive over the uk countryside

Company details: Infinite Skydiving Solutions, Haystacks, Horwell Farm, Bicester, Oxon, OX277SQ, UK​​


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