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Paul Floyd has been skydiving since he was 17yrs old, his rich heritage in parachuting stems back to his late grandfather a Parachute Jump Instructor (PJI) in the RAF, his father Gwylim also a PJI and his uncle Paul whom currently serves.

Paul is a highly respected member of the British Parachuting fraternity holding all the  instructional ratings in the BPA and currently works within the trials process for developing Military Parachutes and Parachuting Techniques. 

When not spending weekends with his Wife Sharon, also an experienced skydiver and aerial photographer and his gorgeous daughter Cery's he joins us to take AFF students into the air and to either film or jump with our Tamdems

​We think the images of Paul doing what he does best tell the story.

Paul Floyd...

Name: Paul Floyd
Age: 34
Jumps: 6000+
Years in sport: 17


Ratings held:

British Parachute Association 
AFF Instructor
Static line Instructor
Tandem Instructor

Advanced Instructor

Instructor Exminer

Canopy Handling coach

Canopy Piloting coach

Formation Skydiving (F.S) Coach
Free Fly (F.F) Coach 

Favorite Skydiving Disciplines:
Aerial videographer/photographer
Wingsuit flying
Canopy Piloting (CP)


Skydiving Achievements:

Other activities:
Wind tunnel flying
Speed Flying



Exit point
Exit point

About to step off of the bridge in Millau France B.A.S.E. Jump

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AFF from above
AFF from above

Infinite Skydiving Instructors Paul floyd and Kris Sheppard assist an AFF student on his level 1 skydive

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Helicopter Exit
Helicopter Exit

Paul Floyd hangs on to the skid of the helicopter to get the exit shot by Andy Ford of Infinite Skydiving

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AFF Student opening
AFF Student opening

Infinite Skydiving AFF instructors Kris Sheppard and Paul Floyd releasing the student as his parachute opens.

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Base jump from a bridge
Base jump from a bridge

Top view of an exit from a bridge near Millau, France with Paul Floyd

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Tandem Skydive with Infinite Skydiving instructor Paul Floyd.

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