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What type of jump do you recommend for a first timer?

You have two options with us. The most popular is Tandem Skydiving, after a short period of training (approx 30 mins) you will then be attached to a highly experienced Tandem Instructor and will exit the aircraft from at about 13,000ft. The Tandem Instructor takes the responsibility of controlling the descent. If you wish to learn more about the sport and be in control of your own parachute you can do an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Level 1 skydive from 13,000ft with two of our instructors. The AFF require at least 6 hours ground training prior to the jump.

Are there any restrictions?

Generally anyone who is of reasonable fitness and 16 or more years old can take part. We have a weight limit of 15st for Tandem Jumps and AFF. We have also catered for many people with disabilities - please call to discuss requirements.

  • Medical requirements for Tandems can be found on Student Tandem Parachutist Declaration of Fitness
  • Medical requirements AFF can be found on Solo Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness, 
  • If you are under 18, you will be required to complete a British Parachute Association (BPA) Consent Form 106 that will need to be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • What altitude do we jump from?

    We fly to 13,000ft (2.3 miles) for all of our skydives unless restricted by weather or air traffic control which happens rarely. This gives you a full 45-50 seconds of free fall to enjoy and 4-5 minutes flying the parachute with your instructor.

    Can you breath in free fall?

    Yes you can!  It is very rare that a first time skydiver will have difficulty catching their breath.  After a few jumps, breathing will happen naturally and you won't give it another thought.

    What does Skydiving feel like?

    When you make your first skydive the feeling will be completely different to what you were expecting. It is nigh on impossible to describe but the feeling is similar to the floating sensation you have in a swimming pool. Some customers are scared that there are similarities with sensation of going over the edge on a roller-coaster. This is not the case. Skydiving is an exciting and exhilerating experience and one you will not regret.

    What happens if the parachute fails to open?

    All parachutists wear two parachutes when making a jump.  If you are a Tandem passenger the instructor will carry out the reserve drills and use the 'spare' if required.  If you are an AFF Student, then as part of the course, you are taught how to deal with this situation and what action to take. This is one of the reasons the AFF Course takes so much longer to learn.

    In the event that I need to, what happens if I don't or can't use the reserve parachute?

    All student parachute equipment has a device to open the reserve parachute automatically if required.

    What happens if the weather is bad and I cannot jump on the day I am booked in?

    British weather being what it is you can never guarantee that a jump will take place on the day you booked it.
    For Tandem Skydives, we will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check or check on our twitter account
    @infiniteskydive for a daily weather report. If the weather is very poor we will re-book the jump on a day to suit you.

    For AFF courses, the weather will make no difference as you will need to attend and undergo the ground school tuition regardless. Do not pay too much attention to the weather forecast on TV as it can be very unreliable!

    What is BPA membership and why do we have to have it?

    All centres in the UK have to conform to the British Parachute Association rules (BPA). One of the rules they set is the legal requirement for you to be third party insured when jumping from a plane. By becoming a Temporary Member of the BPA you are covered for up to £2 million third party cover. This membership/insurance costs £30 per person and is included in our Tandem price.

    How safe is skydiving?

    Skydiving is an extremely highly regulated sport. The dropzone we make our jumps at is governed by the British Parachute Association (National Governing Body).


  • All of our chosen instructors are highly experienced and hold formal BPA qualifications.
  • The equipment we use is the best available and checked and serviced regularly.
  • The aircraft are operated in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority Regulations.
  • Parachuting will only happen when the weather conditions are suitable. Your safety is our primary concern.
  • How long can I be expected to wait at the airfield?

    Skydiving is not like going on a rollercoaster! There is considerable preparation to be made before every jump and many factors can affect the speed of the parachuting program. Please be patient and be prepared to spend the day at the centre. Weather conditions can have a significant impact on timings for the day. We work on a first come/first served basis, so by getting there at your allotted time you stand a better chance of being first in the queue.

    Can I skydive if I wear glasses, contact lenses or have false teeth?

    Goggles to fit over spectacles will be provided. Goggles will also protect contact lenses and prevent them from being displaced. Inform your instructor if you wear false teeth and he will advise you what to do.

    Should I eat before I jump?

    YES! It is always a good idea to eat something before your jump. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted before jumping.

    What if I am scared of heights?

    This is probably the most commonly asked question. Thousands of people who claim to have a fear of heights skydive every year. Skydiving is nothing like standing on the edge of a tall building, looking down. Everybody feels uncomfortable in that position. When you are in the aeroplane, you are not connected to the ground and you therefore don’t have the ‘I might fall off feeling’. Instead, you either have your own parachute, or you are securely connected to a highly qualified Tandem Instructor, so you can exit the aeroplane at a very safe altitude and enjoy the freedom of Skydiving. There is nothing else like it.

    Is Infinite Skydiving an agency?

    No, Infinite Skydiving run by Andy Ford is a full time Skydiving School looking to take you for your first jump whether it's a Tandem or an AFF. You will jump with Andy or one of a few selected instructors he work's with.

  • We do not sell you on to another drop zone or airfield for a fee!
  • Can I jump with my friends?

    We will do our best to put you in the aircraft with your friends that you book in with, this is however not always possible due to group sizes and how busy we are on any particular day. Ask when booking in and we will note it on the paperwork and do our best for you.

    What should I wear?

    We provide you with a jumpsuit, we ask you to bring sensible shoes (trainers not boots or anything with heels) and some comfortable clothes will suffice thinking towards multiple thin layers for warmth.

    My question is not in the list?

    Don't worry, ask your question via our contact page or give us a call on 07876500515 and we may add it to our FAQ's

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