Why not raise money for the charity that means the most to you whilst having fun at the same time! It is very popular to do something out of the ordinary such as jumping from a perfectly good aeroplane to raise money for a worthwhile cause.


Skydiving is considered an extreme sport, not something for the faint hearted and so worthy of you asking your friends and family to sponsor you! It is common practice for fundraisers to use some of the sponsorship money raised to pay a portion or the total cost of their jump if they have raised the minimum level of sponsorship*, however by raising at least double the price of your jump, you will satisfy the charity’s expectations.


How to book a Charity Tandem Skydive (you can see some of the charities we have worked with but you can choose your own that means something personally to you)


  • Book a date for your group or just yourself (plan ahead for group bookings in the summer to ensure availability).

  • It's easy for people to say they will participate but harder to get them to book so if you are running a charity event make sure the participants don't miss the cut off date to join your group.

  • Let your chosen charity know you wish to raise funds for them.

  • Start collecting donations for your chosen charity, why not use our Images and posters personalised for you and your charity to have maximum impact. (ask us about a personalised poster).

  • Make your Charity Skydive with us and have a great time!

  • Collect your sponsership monies for your chosen charity after making the big jump. 

* Many of our customers wish to pay for there Charity jump from the funds raised, we recomend you aim to raise a minimum of £370.00 ensuring at least £150.00 for your chosen charity, but that is a minimum, we have had people raise thousands!! 


The cost of a Tandem Skydive is £230.00 including the mandatory BPA 3rd party  indemnity insurance, no hidden charges on the day.



Any questions just drop us a line:

Tandem exit selfie .jpg
Tandem exit selfie .jpg

Beautiful blue skies tandem exit selfie

Tandem exit selfie with Videographer.jpg
Tandem exit selfie with Videographer.jpg

Tandem photographer caught in action on a tandem skydive handcam photo

Tandem drogue fall.jpg
Tandem drogue fall.jpg

Tandem Students cheeky smile with the drogue above in the blue skies

Tandem Parachute flight selfie.jpg
Tandem Parachute flight selfie.jpg

Flying the Tandem parachute around after a great skydive over Northamptonshire

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