Our first AFF course of 2013 with students Ravi Jain and Kirsty Morrow who are both looking to complete the full AFF course and gain their BPA A license with Infinite Skydiving.

Having trained on Tuesday the eager pair returned to make their first AFF jump with us on Sunday, blue skies and light winds allow us to get them briefed and taken through the daily drills before deciding who will jump first.

Kirsty takes the lead and does a nice level one skydive with very few minor errors and a lovely landing onto the centre of the designated parachute landing area (PLA), absolutely blown away Kirsty can't wait to make her AFF level 2 but has other commitments and leaves after waiting to see fellow course mate Ravi make his jump.

Ravi makes a perfect level one skydive and a tip toe landing on the PLA and walks off of the dropzone very happy, Ravi completed 28 jumps on the R.A.P.S (Ram Air Progression System) 7 years ago and it seems to have stood him in good stead as his Level one AFF was as good as we could ask for.

Excellent level one AFF skydive with Andy Ford and Georgie Roles instructing for Infinite Skydiving student Ravi Jain. 

Accelerated freefall course with Infinite Skydivng, 7 days a week UK based school

Pre first AFF jump looking pensive...

Level one completed, AFF Student Kirsty Morrow is all smiles and looking forward to level 2

Kirsty after her Level 1 walking off of the landing area

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Ravi After his flawless AFF Level one skydive

AFF Graduate Ash Smith gained his BPA "A" license with us this week 

Rob Davis also acheived BPA "A" License with us this week


 BPA ‘A’ LICENCE:  Category 8 and at least ‘CH-Grade 1’.
 BPA ‘B’ LICENCE: BPA ‘A’ Licence, 50 descents and at least ‘CH-Grade 2 and JM-Grade 1’.
 BPA ‘C’ LICENCE: BPA ‘B’ Licence, 200 descents and at least one further ‘Grade 1’.


 BPA ‘D’ LICENCE: BPA ‘C’ Licence, and 1000 descents.

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